Clean your oven racks with no scrubbing and 1 simple ingredient

Oven cleaning can seem as daunting as hell. I used to joke that I’d never cleaned an oven, I just moved house. But it really doesn’t have to be scary!

By the looks of the supermarket shelves, you would also be forgiven for thinking you needed a dozen caustic, specialist products to clean your oven. You really don’t.

As with any cleaning job, the most crucial thing is not to leave it too long. The more you delay, the dirtier it gets and your job becomes more difficult.

But this easy trick works even for neglected oven racks so keep reading!

Remove the racks

First, you need to remove your racks. Just lift them up and they’ll slide right out. Don’t forget the sides and the rack that sits inside your grill pan.

The sides are also removeable

Now plug your bathtub and place a couple of towels (teatowels or bath towels) on the bottom of the bath. This will protect the bath from scratching.

Line the bath with towels.

Carefully place the racks on top of the towels and cover with warm water.

Just enough water to cover the racks
Add dishwashing / washing up liquid

Now add half a cup of dishwashing / washing up liquid. The reason you add the soap after the water is so that it doesn’t bubble too much and sit on top of the water. Do give it a little mix with your hand but don’t make a bubble extravaganza with it.

Now leave it to sit….overnight if possible but definitely for a few hours. Just get on with your life. Nothing to see here.

When you come back, use a sponge (I usually use steel wool but it’s probably overkill tbh) to wipe away the grease. It will literally glide right off.

You’ll never clean your oven rack another way ever again!

The Secret Cleaner x

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