Aldi Magnum Aloe Vera and Cucumber Washing Up Liquid


This is a ‘budget’ supermarket own brand of cruelty free washing up liquid (leaping bunny certified).


Comes in a standard 500ml bottle which is ‘widely recycled’, check locally to see if the cap is recycled in your area.     


This is their standard range of washing up liquid and is available in several different flavours depending on your mood. The one I tested was Aloe Vera and Cucumber which was pleasant enough to smell and supposedly able to cut through grease whilst being soft and gentle to hands. I suppose it was considerate to my hands, however it really struggled big-time to cut through the grease. The consistency of the liquid just didn’t appear as ‘thick’ as others I’ve tested, so immediately I found myself adding more to the basin as I was going along. After just a handful of dishes, I could see the bubbles starting to disappear and the effective cleaning power of the water drops substantially. Another squirt of the stuff helped, but again, the bubbles disappear quickly. Other smaller, more expensive liquids I’ve used lasted much longer than this Aldi stuff, purely because you don’t need to use as much, so it’s a bit of a false economy.


I bought a 500ml bottle from the local Aldi (they’re everywhere now), costing 65p at the time (15/9/19).

I’ve used Aldi cleaning stuff in the past and had been more than happy with it, in particular their dish washing tablets which were a fraction of the price of the bigger brands but did an excellent job.  However, this particular washing liquid just didn’t cut the mustard…or the ketchup, or the grease.

Mr Secret Cleaner

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