New Astonish Concentrated Disinfectant Review

I’m always interested to find out about a new product coming to the market. But this one landed out of the blue with a special bit of pizzazz.


It was accidentally released a week early and there’s a B&M shelf stacker somewhere in England who is dreading their next performance appraisal. What a riot and well done to the Instagram account who broke the story on the internet.

You couldn’t make it up.

I want to go through the real pros and cons of these products, giving you a balanced, unbiased review, so that we can all decide if we really need them.

First, the benefits…

Concentrated- You will get 20L of cleaning solution from one 500ml bottle of disinfectant.In my mind, that means this bottle does not count as “single use plastic”.

Cruelty free- all Astonish products have the Cruelty Free International leaping bunny which means neither the finished product nor its contents have been tested on animals.

No animals were harmed.

Vegan- they don’t contain any animal products either.

Surfactants- a product that contains surfactants will clean as well as disinfect. As I’ve said before, there is zero point in disinfecting a dirty surface. This means this product multi-purpose.

Recycleable bottle- always a good thing.

Natural perfumes- essential oils are still chemicals but they’re much less likely to cause problems.

UK made- made at Astonish HQ just outside Leeds.

Family business– it’s nice to support the “little guy”.

Cheaper than alternatives- at £1.99 per 500ml. Available at B&M Stores.

Now for the drawbacks…

Disinfectant- this is not something most people really need. Cleaning with soap and water is adequate in the vast majority of cases. Your home is not a hospital.

We think this smells more like berries than flowers.

Comes in plastic- it would be better if the bottle was made from recycled plastic.

Quats– the product contains quaternary ammonium compounds so for people with sensitive skin it’s still probably a no go.

The Secret Cleaner x

Some of my posts contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase a product from this link, I make a small commission.

This product was gifted.

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