Are you doing these 10 dangerous things with your cleaning products?

1. Boiling fabric softener on cookers to “scent” the house.

Fabric softener flambee anyone?

2. Mixing any cleaning products, but especially bleach and vinegar.

I mean, how dirty is your toilet?

3. Spraying strong products like disinfectants and fabric conditioner on babies’ beds.

Cleaners are chemicals baby.

4. Adding flammable products like fabric softeners, disinfectant and perfume pellets to oil and wax burners.

Fire in the hole!

5. Using flammable products in electrical appliances like vacuums, steam cleaners and irons.

6. Storing flammable or combustible products including aerosols next to heat or ignition source like the combi boiler.

7. Refilling plug-ins with flammable products like Zoflora.

Twisted fire starter.

8. Using bleach products in enclosed spaces. Bleach is a chemical, open those windows!

9. Using undiluted concentrated products like Zoflora and certain essential oils around pets.

Purrfectly preposterous!

10. Spraying flammable products like fabric softener onto fabrics treated with fire retardant coating.

Just fire retar-DONT

Remember to read the warnings on your products. They are there for a good reason. #checkyourbacksides

The Secret Cleaner x


  1. I might sound stupid here, but this is a genuine question… why is it ok to burn scented candles / wax melts (which I presume aren’t chemical free), but not warm some diluted fabric conditioner to scent the house? Instead of thinking ‘how stupid ‘ when I read number 1, I thought that it sounded like a clever way to make the house smell nice! Would it be ok if I diluted it so it didn’t burn? I also thought because fabric conditioner is so highly scented that it must be safe to smell 🤷‍♀️


    • Hi there, Not stupid at all! I’m not a chemist so I don’t know what gases are produced by heating something like fabric conditioner on the hob. I wouldn’t know what I (and my family and pets) would be breathing in. So that’s not something I would be willing to risk. Even if you were to dilute it, how would you know if you had diluted it enough? Candles are tested for burning. They should be compliant with CLP legislation to ensure that they are safe. Hope that helps. The Secret Cleaner x


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