Marks and Spencer Citrus Fresh Washing Up Liquid Reviewed


This is M&S’s own brand of cruelty free washing up liquid, made from plant-based ingredients.


It comes in a smallish 450ml bottle.  Checking the label on the backside it states ‘we’ve used old plastic to make new plastic’, however further down it expands a bit and says that the bottle is actually made from 50% PCR (Post-Consumer Resin – made from recycled bottles and other plastics). Slightly misleading I think and means only half of the bottle is produced from recycled plastics. The bottle and cap are also widely recycled.


As above, the bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic, which I think is a bit disappointing – why isn’t it 100%?  Other eco claims are that plant based ingredients are used which have been derived from sustainable sources, plus no animal ingredients were used so it’s suitable for vegetarians.  On the front label there’s a ‘cruelty-free international’ leaping bunny logo. This is the logo you want to see if you are at all concerned about animal cruelty.  It’s the international standard that means this product has been independently verified as cruelty-free for the entire manufacturing and supply chain process.  Further information is available on their website


We used a 450ml bottle of citrus washing up liquid that costs 55p (as of 12/08/19), available in most M&S stores.


Unlike some other eco products I’ve used, I have to say I was quite impressed with this one.  The liquid seems to be of a slightly thicker consistency than other eco liquids and despite there being no clear directions on how much to use, I found just a small squirt provides a decent amount of soapy bubbles that lasts well.   It copes well enough with greasy pots and pans and has a pleasant smell.  All in all, really pretty good and I’d buy this again.


The cruelty free range is available from most M&S stores. 

Mr Secret Cleaner

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