Tesco Eco Active Washing-up Liquid Reviewed



This is a supermarket own brand of eco-washing up liquid, made from non-toxic, plant-based ingredients.


Comes in a standard looking 500ml bottle made from ‘up to 45%’ recycled plastic. Not exactly sure what ‘up to 45%’ means – does that mean my bottle could’ve been made from only 1% recycled plastic? It does also state that it’s 100% recyclable.


Lots of eco claims from Tesco for this product. On the front it states: “scientifically formulated to clean as well as normal cleaning products”. It states that this product has been independently tested and approved by Ecolabel. I had to Google what this actually meant and discovered that it means the product’s lifecycle is checked and assessed by a panel of independent experts who have verified the eco-friendliness of the production process from the extraction of raw materials through to the factory production stage, and also the use of packaging is supposedly kinder to the environment (so possibly still not great for the environment, but better than other products?). The bottle quotes an EU Ecolabel code that relates specifically to cleaning-up/handwashing detergents and gives interesting follow-up information and factsheets to back up these claims. All quite impressive.

Also, the liquid itself is made from biodegradable ingredients, plus if you’re lucky enough to have a septic tank it’s good for that too. Oh, and it’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans (I really haven’t a clue what this means). Lastly, it’s not been tested on animals, in fact on the label it says they actually fund research into alternatives which is good to know.

As eco-credentials go for this type of cleaning product, I’m certainly impressed by this one.


We used a 500ml bottle of pomegranate washing liquid and we paid £1 (as of 19/06/19), available in most Tesco stores.


On the front of the bottle it says, “Long Lasting Foam Action”, and as I previously mentioned “Scientifically formulated to clean as well as normal cleaning products”. I’m not so sure. Like a lot of these eco-washing-up liquid products, the longevity of the bubbles and its ability to remove grease just isn’t there. The directions (#checkyourbacksides!) instruct you to use between a half and a full teaspoon of the stuff, depending on how dirty your dishes are. As the bubbles disappeared so quickly, I found myself constantly topping up the water with more liquid, even for a relatively small load of dirty dishes. To claim that it cleans as well as normal cleaning products, just isn’t accurate in my opinion.


The Eco Active range is available from Tesco.

Mr Secret Cleaner

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One comment

  1. I have used this washing up liquid last year and found it rubbish. I didn’t like the bottle as it seemed to gloopy and just made a mess of the bottle. It didn’t wash the pans well. The best I have found is Tesco normal wash up liquid. It’s brilliant. But I have no idea if it’s tested on animals. As I’m looking for a cruelty free now


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