Is the Ecoegg cracking at cleaning laundry?

You’ve been asking me for months to review the Ecoegg, so here goes…

Let’s start with looks. I’m not really a pink person but I still think, as far as looks go, it is a thing of beauty.

Who are we kidding? What you really want to know is how the hecking heck these things clean laundry, right?  Each egg comes with 2 packages of little balls- white ones and black ones. The black ones are tourmaline. Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral compounded with elements such as aluminium, iron, magnesium, sodium, lithium, or potassium. The white ones are mineral pellets.

Ecoegg uses positive and negative ionic charges to draw out and remove dirt. I know it sounds like science fiction, but really that’s how a lot of products work.

You know I’m always going to check my backsides and the interesting thing that I found was that this has more than 30% ionic surfactants and 15-30% non-ionic surfactants. Normally products like washing-up liquid contain less than 5% surfactants.  This points to the ionic charge doing the work via the little pellets nestled inside the Ecoegg.

According to the instructions, the dark ones will never run out. The white ones, however, will gradually go down and that’s when you start to top them up. They say that after about 70 washes you’ll just add another packet of the white beads.

When using the Ecoegg, you shouldn’t use temperatures higher than 60c/150f. I assume this is because it will start to dissolve too much of the beads or maybe even melt the egg itself.

My Ecoegg itself smelled quite floral, so my theory was that there would be a subtle scent to the clothes when they came out.

With the potential for this to save huge amounts of money and waste I was excited to see how this did on our clothes. 

Not one to make a snap judgement, we used it full-time for about a week before we decided. Mr Secret Cleaner does most of the washing and his conclusion was that it doesn’t do a particularly good job at removing odours from clothes. He is football coach and a cyclist (as you guys know because of the bike shed in the bathroom) and he said that he had to change out of a shirt because he put it on for half an hour and it “was stinking”.

When I shared these thoughts on Insta, I received so many messages about things that I should be adding to my eco egg wash in order to help it clean!  I have a major problem with that because this thing is really expensive in the scheme of things and it promises to clean your washing. It’s supposed to be ecological and eco-friendly. I feel like if I have to purchase additional things to add to it, this not only takes away the cost-benefit to it but it takes away the environmental benefit as well.  In the end, I’m having to buy other products.

So, it’s a no from us. We both agree that the product doesn’t perform as well as we need it to and we are not prepared to start buying and adding a series of additional products to our wash.

Here are a few questions you had for me on the Ecoegg

Do you need to use fabric softener? According to the instructions you don’t, but my clothes came out smelly fousty, so I would be inclined to say yes, use a fabric softener or add some essential oils.  This of course negates much of the savings you have made.

Is it noisy?  There is the occasional sound of the egg knocking around in your washing machine but it wasn’t too bad.  

Is it bubbly? Not as far as I can see.

How much does it cost. Regular price £12.99. Available here.

Does it tackle stains? My opinion and general consensus from other users is no. You would need to use an additional product for stain removal.

Affiliation- I was gifted the Ecoegg but I was not paid for the review and I’m not affiliated with Ecoegg.

The Secret Cleaner

#aff – some products include affiliate links which means if you purchase them, I receive a small commission paid by Amazon.


  1. Thank you for the unbiased review, I’ve been considering changing to this but I need it to be good at stain removal as I have to wash a goalkeeper football kit every week and it gets lots of grass stains.


  2. I felt the same. When I eventually got a semi decent result it was because I’d used a long cycle and stain remover. Not eco, it doesn’t work and is not cost effective.


  3. Thank you for this. I’d been reading review after review about this item. I’d heard whites go grey after a while, but the most common was your clothes don’t smell fresh. I think you’ve sealed what my gut has been telling me.
    I’m sticking with my Ecoleaf and heading to my local eco shop for refills. Thank you so much for an unbias review x


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