Tincture Washing-up Liquid Reviewed

Tincture is a premium brand of household cleaning products, which are marketed as high performance, non-toxic and made from all-natural, sustainable ingredients.


Comes in a rather snazzy hexagon shaped plastic bottle. We used a bottle containing 475ml of washing-up liquid and lasted around four weeks at around 2/3 washes each day (I tend to do more small wash-ups each day, rather than one large one). Interestingly, they also sell glass refill bottles of some of their products, more on this later.


Tincture say their products are 100% natural, developed from sustainable plant/vegetable-based sources. Their website goes into some detail on what ingredients they use, providing information on history and traditions, research studies and references backing this up – all really quite impressive. The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable. One feature I liked was that they offer glass refills of some products so you can reuse the white plastic bottles, however on the day I checked their website, most of the popular products were showing as out of stock.


We used a 475ml bottle of Iona washing liquid that costs £4.99 (as of 19/06/19), plus an expensive £4.95 for shipping. Savings can be made on shipping by ordering multiple quantities of products.


Tincture products claim to be high performance, as well as being non-toxic and made from all natural, sustainable ingredients. I can absolutely understand and appreciate the appeal of these products for those of us that take into consideration the possible harmful effects that cleaning products can and do have on our lives, however, as with most of my experiences with other ‘natural’ cleaning products, they just don’t match up to the ‘normal’ brands when it comes to the ability to thoroughly clean our dirty dishes. I find I need to keep topping-up with the stuff pretty much every time I use it, because the soap suds just disappear so quickly. Also, like other natural washing up liquids, it does struggle to cut through the tougher stuff (think Weetabix and greasy oven dishes), so I find myself having to soak and wash some items a couple of times to be really satisfied. Oh, did I mention it smells nice? As a middle aged bloke, I couldn’t care less what the cleaning stuff smells of, I just want it to make my household chores as easy as possible 😊.


Products can be purchased direct on the company’s website at tincturelondon.com. Special mention must be given for their website, which is full of interesting information on the products they sell, and the company itself.

Mr Secret Cleaner

#aff – some products include affiliate links which means if you purchase them, I receive a small commission paid by Amazon.

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