Smol Laundry Capsules Reviewed

What is Smol?

Smol is a new method of online laundry detergent delivery service where you tell them how many washes you put on in a typical week and they post you all the capsules you will need to keep your laundry clean and smelling nice.

Essentially, it’s another subscription-box type service, where they regularly send (and charge) you for washing capsules until you decide you want to stop.


Smol claim their product is “the most effective concentrated laundry capsule in the world” and “when tested performed better than or equal to the leading brands”. I couldn’t see any evidence online to back this up, so I guess we just need to accept their claims.

They also claim it has a wonderful fragrance and uses fewer chemicals than other capsules with no loss of performance.

Their final claim is that you save money by cutting out the middleman (shops/supermarkets) and therefore save up to 50% on the normal brand price.


The packaging has special closures to stop younger children getting their hands on the capsules (however, as always, please just keep this sort of stuff well away from any kids!).

The capsules come in a slim tray-like container designed to fit through the letterbox. Although flimsy looking, it seemed to do the job and took up very little under-the-sink cupboard space, which we liked.

One capsule leaked shortly after we started using them but that could’ve been down to a rogue fingernail on our behalf, we’re not sure.

Eco credentials

Smol is cruelty free, with no testing on animals.

It comes in a smart little container made from recycled and sustainable materials and is 100% recyclable too.


They advise that you save money by cutting out the middleman (shops/supermarkets) and therefore save up to 50% on the normal brand price.

We ordered a free trial pack (just pay £1 for postage), consisting of 9 bio capsules.

I did a quick pricing comparison, looking up some random capsule prices on the website (as of 18/06/19) and found packs of 27 Daz capsules for £4 (14.8p per capsule), 15 Ariel capsules for £3 (20p each) and 38 Persil capsules for £6 (15.8p each). Smol capsules currently cost £3.85 for 24, working out at 16p per capsule… So, even factoring in the expenses of travelling to and from a shop, their claim of up to 50% savings is rather exaggerated.


The capsules worked well, cleaning the clothes as expected whilst applying a pleasant fragrance and removing any nasty marks or stains, so overall, we were happy with performance.

I’m sure there is a market out there for an ethical laundry capsule product such as Smol, and we’ll probably continue to use them for the reasons mentioned above.

Available at, in both bio and non-bio. The trial pack costs £1, standard 24 pack costs £3.85.

Mr. Secret Cleaner

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