Rollareleasa – Handy tool or pointless plastic?

When I first heard about this gadget, I’ll admit, I was intrigued. Before I even stopped to think about whether I needed one, I became fascinated by how they are made.

See, being a science geek, I’m a sucker for a bit of tech. And this is made with a 3D printer- the future is all about 3D printing. Did you know that, instead of packing selections of medical instruments and medicines on space missions, they’ll be packing 3D printers instead and just printing what they need to order? Cool.

Anyway, I came to my senses, and started to really ask myself:

  • Does this fill a gap in the market?
  • Do people seriously find this job so difficult that they need a special tool?
  • Should I buy one just to find out?

Luckily, a friend sent me one to try, so I’m here to tell you what I thought…

It consists mainly of plastic teeth to saw through hair caught up in your vacuum roller. There’s also a “poky bit” at the end that seems to be designed to dig dust out of crevices.

Bear in mind that a pair of scissors has 2 blades that will cut through hair in a few seconds flat AND 2 (!) “poky bits”. To top it off, I’ll bet you’ve already got a pair knocking about somewhere!

My verdict: It’s completely a pointless piece of plastic. It doesn’t even do what it’s supposed to do very well.

Other tools that will also do the job- a seam ripper, crochet hook, knife, nail scissors.

I asked my followers what they thought and 78% agreed that it’s a piece of pointless plastic.

What do you think?


#aff – some products include affiliate links which means if you purchase them, I receive a small commission paid by Amazon.


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