What’s the best bathroom cleaner?

Believe me when I say that the spray you use to clean your bathroom can be a very emotive subject. According to a survey I conducted with my Instagram followers, the top 5 bathroom cleaning products are:

  1. Flash
  2. Astonish
  3. CIF
  4. Method
  5. Viakal

Other bathroom cleaners include OzKleen, Marks and Spencer, bleach and ecloth or squeegee and water.

With an increased presence of cleaning brands in social media, the brands we know and love are beginning to shift.

Let’s compare the top 2 on the list:

Flash Bathroom Spray

Company – Procter and Gamble (USA)

Size – usually 500ml

Scent – Febreeze scent is a favourite

Cost – Can be found for £1 per 500ml

Ethics – Company tests on animals

Environment – recyclable plastic bottle

Cleaning – leaves surfaces clean and shiny

Astonish Bathroom Spray

Company – Astonish (UK)

Size – 750ml

Scent – Pleasant soapy scent

Cost – £1 per 750ml

Ethics – Vegan, not tested on animals, leaping bunny approved

Environment – recyclable plastic bottle

Cleaning – cleans well and leaves surfaces shiny and water repellent

For me, Flash only comes out on top on smell. For everything else, Astonish takes the gold. I have been especially impressed with the shine left behind after cleaning my sink and taps with the Astonish Bathroom spray.

Many of my followers have said that the cruelty free element has been the deciding factor for them to shift from Flash to Astonish.

What’s your favourite bathroom cleaner?


  1. 100% bathroom ecloth followed by demineralised water in spray bottle and buffed with shower buffing ecloth for taps, mirrors, shower screen. Then I light a wax melt for a nice smell rather than it be from a cleaner x


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