Cleaning safely with pets

The arrival of new furry, feathered or even scaly friend is a perfect opportunity to review your household cleaning routines.

Different animals have different sensitivities. Make sure you do your homework on which products and chemicals are safe you use around the house. Don’t forget to research how to keep your new pet’s cage or bedding clean and safe too.

Here are some of the tips you shared about keeping pets safe:

“Ammonia is toxic to cats @Deanny64

“Hamsters don’t like diffusers or plug -ins” @franthompson38

“Rabbits don’t like any scented products to wipe their habitats.” @nicolerrabbit

Use a specific animal friendly product to clean cages and hutches like –


Simple Solution

#aff – some products include affiliate links which means if you purchase them, I receive a small commission paid by Amazon.

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