Luckily, you can clean these 13 things with a window vacuum

It’s a piece of tech I didn’t even know existed until recently but there’s so much you can do with a little handheld window vac!

  1. Windows (obvs!)
  2. Mirrors
  3. High gloss units
  4. Tiles
  5. Shower trays
  6. Bathtubs
  7. Condensation
  8. Spills
  9. Car windows
  10. Induction hobs
  11. Shower screens
  12. Glass doors
  13. Glass tables

This might not be something you feel you need, but with high quality branded vacs like Karcher coming in as low as £30, it might be a splurge worth making.

Pictured: Karcher WV1 available from Amazon from £39.99


#aff – some products include affiliate links which means if you purchase them, I receive a small commission paid by Amazon.

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