We need to talk about the plastic in our bathrooms

Have you taken a good look at your bathroom recently? Notice just how much single use plastic there is? I did and I decided to do something about it.

1. Bottles

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, styling gel, the list goes on. Yes, these can be recycled, but do I need them in the dirst place? The mountains of plastic bottles inhabiting my shower have now been replaced with unpackaged solid shampoo and conditioner and bars of soap.

It turns out Lush makes my favourite scent Karma, in a solid bar.

Two small British business called Conchus and Superfly also do a range of solid shampoos and soaps.

2. Razors

An estimated 2 BILLION are thrown away each year! Because they contain metal, they aren’t even recyclable. Disposable razors may be cheap and convenient, but at what cost to the environment? Try going old school with MUHLE.

3. Sponges

The image of this plastic monstrosity genuinely invokes feelings of disgust in me now. I can’t believe I ever bought them! There are a million different alternatives like natural sponges and exfoliating soap bags.

4. Face wipes

Little sheets of single use plastic that wreak havoc on the environment. Replace cleaning wipes with cheap, reusable microfibre cloths. Replace face wipes with a fleece pad that can be used with water only to remove makeup.

5. Toothbrushes

Billions of these plastic beasts are thrown away every year and many end up in the sea, or washed up on the beach. Make a simple switch to bamboo to make a difference. Try Truthbrush or Humble Brush which is now available in Morissons and Boots.

6. Cleaning products

Replace all those single use bottles with a few reusable ecloth products that allow you to clean and polish your bathroom to perfection using only water. I recommend the bathroom ecloth and the glass polishing ecloth.

7. Sanitary products
Yep, even towels contain plastics. Cups and reusable cloth pads are becoming more readily available and fit for purpose period pants are having their day in the sun!

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