9 things you forgot to clean in your bathroom

Next time you clean your bathroom, make sure you aren’t left with that niggling feeling that you forgot something!

1. Toilet seat fixings

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what variety of uninvited guests could be making themselves at home in the space between your toilet seat and base. Once every month or so, it’s a good idea to unscrew your toilet seat and soak it in a bath of diluted bleach.

2. Under the bowl

For reasons known only to toilet designers, there’s often little indentations under your toilet bowl that are perfect collectors of dust and grime. Make sure you don’t leave these spaces out of your regular cleaning routine.

3. Shower door seals

You might not even realise that the plastic parts of your shower door or screen are easily removable. Just slide them off and give them a long bath in diluted bleach. Or spray with your favourite product (I recommend Astonish Mould and Mildew Remover) and wipe.

4. Tops of tiles

If you have a half tiled wall, the little ledge where your tiles end is a perfect place for dust to collect. A quick wipe round with a damp will put you back on track for your Loo of the Year Award. 🏅

5. Shower drains

The contraption that carries your shower water away sees a fair amount of action! Don’t forget to give it a good clean. Lift the (usually silver) disc first, then wiggle and release the small plastic cup located in the recess of the shower tray. You’ll be surprised how quickly hair and gunge collect here. Use an old toothbrush to remove any buildup. The silver disc can be taken apart for cleaning. Remove the screw (careful not to drop it down the sink!) and give the underside a brush too. Tip: Keep a cheap phillips head screwdriver in your bathroom to make this easier.

6. Shower tracks

The part of the shower that allows the doors to slide open and closed will start to get pretty gungey. Use a toothbrush or a sonic scrubber to agitate the black stuff out of there.

7. Sink plug hole

Lift it up and see what lurks beneath. You might think your plug is fixed. Try twisting it to remove (remember “righty tighty, lefty loosy”). Soak it and scrub it with all the rest of the forgotten pieces.

8. Behind the tap

You go over it with your cloth but do you REALLY lean over to see what’s back there? You might find more than you bargained for. If you need some power to remove crusty deposits, try a mild abrasive like Bon Ami.

9. Extraction Fan

It gets pretty dusty in there. Use the brush tool of your vacuum to suck the dust away from the vent and make sure you give the top a good dusting.



#aff – some products include affiliate links which means if you purchase them, I receive a small commission paid by Amazon.

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