5 reasons why cleaning is the new Zen


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There’s a revolution happening and it’s all about cleaning. If you haven’t heard of the growing cleaning community online, where have you been hiding yourself? And if you are slightly dubious about vacuuming your floor on your Insta stories, I’m here to explain why you should sit up and pay attention.

Here are my top 5 reasons why cleaning is the new Zen:

1.  Live in the moment – Maybe you’ve tried meditation with no success, but have you ever noticed a surprising ability to laser focus on the task of scrubbing last night’s bolognese off your frying pan?  That’s because you are in the moment.  You aren’t thinking about the past or the future, you are just thinking about how you are going to get the burnt food off the bottom of that (allegedly) non-stick pan.  Everyone knows that living in the moment is brilliant for mental health.  So, grab your cloth and see if you can get those windows streak-free.  Now that’s what I call multi-tasking.

2. Tidy house, tidy mind – Your environment has a huge impact on your sense of wellbeing.  Sitting around in a house that is cluttered and dirty can be a right downer.  There is such a sense of pride and achievement to be had from something as simple as tackling an overflowing cutlery drawer.  Once you experience that hit of feel-good hormones, you’ll be channeling your inner Marie Kondo in no time. 

3. Get Connected – Connection to other human beings is life’s elixir for happiness.  So, go find your cleaning tribe.  If you are worried your real friends will think you’ve lost your marbles, it’s easy enough to start an alias Instagram account just for this purpose. Incidentally, for shiny marbles, soak in vinegar and water over-night.

4. Be inspired – Feeling stuck in a rut? Doing the same boring tasks around the house day-in, day-out can be torture.  There’s a community of thousands of people across the world who would love nothing more than to chat to you about the tricks they use to get their loo sparkling.  And, guess what, they want to hear your tips too. 

5.  Transform your mood – You only have to walk past a bakery to know that scents have a profound impact on mood.  If you are still cleaning with bleachy-smelling products that require a gas mask to administer, you really are missing out.  Companies like Method are producing scented cleaning sprays that you would literally eat if you could (don’t).  Astonish Bathroom smells so good, there are theories that it is made with witchcraft.  Hey, maybe your new signature scent is waiting for you in a trigger spray on the cleaning aisle.

Read more about how to change your relationship with cleaning in my new book “The Little Book of Cleanfulness”, available now on Amazon and in all good booksellers.

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